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We’re happy to finally update our website and move it to a new, more reliable server. Thanks for visiting, and let us know if you see any missing or broken links, typos, or if you have anything specifically that you would like to see on our site. Come back again soon!

Kirk and Carol – ALP Design and Production, Inc.

About Kirk

I grew up in South America as a missionary kid. Have worked in the entertainment business since 1984 - radio announcer, news reporter, concert tour lighting & video, actor (stage, film & TV), computer graphics, video production, video director, projectionist, writer / author, public speaker, and more. Constantly learning, I pass along my knowledge to others whenever possible. Currently own ALP Design & Production, Inc with my wife, Carol. Started growing our family late in life, after being married for 18 years we had our first child. Now with 2 kids, we're on a whole new adventure!
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